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BioOleo Cosmetics is the highest quality natural products and selected cosmetic raw materials imported from Morocco, Spain and France. Our company was created out of passion and love for natural products. We promote the idea of drawing from the treasures of nature, from what is most valuable in them and necessary to maintain well-being. To meet your expectations, we have created a brand for the most demanding customers who want to give their bodies the highest quality cosmetics possible. Thanks to BioOleo Cosmetics products which regenerate, nourish and detoxify the body, making the users feel youthful, full of energy and relaxed, we give joy and a positive attitude to others. This, in turn, allows you to create better relationships both with loved ones and in your professional life. To help achieve this great effect, we share what Nature has been supporting us with for centuries.

Our oils are made of the highest quality raw materials that guarantee their extraordinary properties. As a result, they have a unique aroma, texture and effect on the skin and hair. Each oil is enriched with active ingredients that are essential in everyday care. All products meet strict microbiological and dermatological standards (CPNP base). Cosmetics are also registered in the Pharmaceutical Medicines and Healthcare Products Database.

Our mission is to search for more and more interesting application solutions, especially for the delicate skin of the face. That is why, as the first and only one in Poland, we have given you the ROLL-ON Triple and Single System for oils. We are inspired by nature and our customers, which is why we are still looking for natural ingredients that restore youth and do not have any chemical aspect.

The common feature of the people who are part of BioOleo Cosmetics is passion, which allows us to respond to the needs of our customers every day. We also encourage you to create a brand with us that creates a new perspective of youth straight from nature.




BioOleo Cosmetics - to find what's best in nature.


BioOleo Cosmetics products are available in the following lines:

    - BioOleo Natural - natural, hypoallergenic cosmetics

    - BioOleo Premium – luxurious cosmetics enriched with fragrance compositions

    - BioOleo Gold – premium cosmetics enriched with gold pigment


EcoCert - raw materials come from monitored biological crops (selected products in the description)

Natural - oils do not contain PEGs or preservatives

GMO Free - oils free of genetically modified ingredients,

Organic Certified - organic ingredients are certified, the cultivation of such plants is under strict control,

Not Tested On Animals - products have not been tested on animals,

Oils and butters (BioOleo Natural series only) are HYPOALLERGENIC.

Our products are available, among others in: DoubleTree by Hilton Łódź, SPA Tkalnia Pabianice, Holmes Place Premium Hotel Marriott, Hilton Warsaw, Hotel No1 Gdańsk, Kandara Wrocław, SP 1306 Termy Maltańskie Poznań, Termy Uniejów Hotel Kasztel and many others.

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